Do it now!

Do-it-nowIf you want to achieve any goals in life, you will have to “Do it now!” I am 39 years old (at the time of writing) and still could not really call myself a success. And the missing part between my goal and achievement, I believe, is “Do it now!” I just realized it today, and wanted to share with you, my dear friend.

However, to be fair with myself, I do have something I could call (some) success, such as: learned to speak English and Chinese, went to a college, married and have beautiful kids, having a good job (I am currently working in Afghanistan for an international medical NGO, after working many years in Thailand) and wrote a book.

But something in myself told me that I can achieve more, if I follow the principle of “Do it now!” And after I did some research on some remarkable people currently living and success, all of them share a common trait, which is “Do it now!”.

W. Clement Stone, once the richest man in America, credited his success to “Do it now!” principle. He asked his employees to shout “Do it now!” 50 times before they started working each day. And the results were just beyond you and I could dream of. If you truly want to achieve your goal, start to do it now. First, set the goal you want to achieve. Second, plan what you have to do to achieve the goal. And third, do it now.


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